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Our mission is to be a resource for living your best life after brain injury

This bi-monthly magazine will have a FREE online digital subscription, as well as a paid printed

subscription. Readership will include brain injury survivors, caregivers, and providers.

Our social media reach is currently over 25,000 and our email reach is 8,000 with 200 print subscriptions

Advertising Rates:


The directory will be on our website as well as inside the magazine. The website will have your logo with a clickable link, the magazine will have your name and website (with a clickable link in the digital version).

  • 6 months (3 issues and 6 months on the website) $900
  • 12 months (6 issues and 12 months on the website) $1500
  • 12 months (6 issues and 12 months on the website) NON PROFIT ORG $500

Sponsored Content

This is a full-page article about your company or product and will include photos and a link to your business. It will clearly state that it is “sponsored content” and will be featured inside the magazine as well as on the website’s blog and shared on our social media sites.

  • Single issue: $1500

Display Ads

These will be placed inside the magazine, with the digital version having clickable links. They will also randomly be featured on our social media sites throughout the two-month cycle of the magazine issue (or year-round if you chose 6x option).

Receive a 15% discount when you purchase both a display ad and a directory listing.


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