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Hormones and Brain Function

By Dr. Shane Steadman Most people understand changes in hormones can cause changes in brain function. These changes most often affect a person’s mood and libido, but hormones vastly impact the metabolic function and brain. When the topic of hormones is mentioned, many people only think about estrogen, progesterone, and ...

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Nutrition & TBI: A Guide to Vitamins

by James Heuer After a Traumatic Brain Injury, metabolic changes affect the brain’s recovery. It is not uncommon for inflammation, changes in energy, gastrointestinal tract function, and insulin resistance to occur within a TBI patient’s brain. It is crucial for the victim of a TBI to treat with enteral nutrition, ...

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The Potential of Ketogenic Diet for TBI

by Jonathan Chung, DC Ketogenic diets have become popular within mainstream culture as a controversial methodology to promote health and weight loss. This dietary approach that emphasizes a diet high in fats with very-low carbohydrates was popularized by Dr. Robert Atkins for weight loss. While the benefits of keto for ...

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Sleep: A “How To” Guide

by Stephanie Moon, MS, OTRL, CBIS Sleep is the foundation for everything we do. It gives us energy, creates routine, and provides our brains and bodies with time to heal. I’m not here to argue the importance of sleep. If you’re reading this, you may already know why you need ...

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