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Hands Up for “Heavy Metal Headbang”

By Ian Hebeisen Traumatic Brain Injuries can occur in an instant. For some, it strikes at home from a fall, while others sustain a TBI from a sporting related accident. For Melissa Meszaros, it happened on the way to a Judas Priest concert. A tenured entertainment industry publicist, creator of ...

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Athletic Therapy and Healing the Nervous System

By Ian Hebeisen At a young age, Matthew Bennett adopted the mindset that “health is wealth”. Several of his family members would get really sick, and watching them combat these illnesses showed Bennett the importance of maintaining healthy habits. “We’re given one body, one life, one brain, one opportunity. That ...

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From Calamitous to Cannabis

By Ian Hebeisen Over her life, Nikki Lawley has sold H-Vac filtration systems, dealt cards at a casino, and started her own company, solidifying her as a true renaissance woman of the modern age. Most recently, she worked as a pediatric nurse in Buffalo – a career choice resulting in ...

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Doctor Dolphin Will See You Now

By Ian Hebeisen Animals have aided mental health and physical therapies for decades. While dogs traditionally serve as the most common assistance animal, the roster continues expanding. Now, the list of therapy animals includes dolphins. Dr. Michael Bagnell is one such doctor working with dolphins to conduct therapy. Practicing for ...

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Warrior Mom: The Power of Persistence

by Ian Hebeisen In September 2012, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin answered a phone call that no parent should ever receive. Her 16-year-old son, Grant, had been the victim of a hit and run car accident that left him with incredibly severe injuries. At the hospital, JJ found ...

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