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TBI Impairs Visualizing; Can’t Describe It, Then Can’t Share It

By Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., Founder of the Mind-Eye Institute Remez Sasson, author and creator of www.successconsciousness.com, defines visualization as “the ability to create mental images,” integrated with other sensory sensations like sounds, smells, and tastes. Visualization “means using your imagination.” This visual skill takes place internally on what Mind-Eye practitioners ...

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How Light Returns Clarity & Hope to a Foggy Brain

By Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., Executive Research Director at The Mind-Eye Institute Healthy brains are able to interpret and respond to the environment at many different levels almost instantaneously. So, it is not surprising that patients who have sustained a traumatic head injury or concussion, which oftentimes damages or scrambles brain circuitry, ...

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Nutrition and Eye Health

by Sierra Fawn Guay, MS, RDN, LDN Our eyes are complex organs that are responsible for communicating messages between the external world and our brains.  Changes in eye function are common after brain injury.  Nutrition plays an essential role in promoting eye health.  The foods that we eat provide the ...

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