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Communication and TBI

by James A. Heuer, PA One of the most crucial devices in life, communication is by definition “the capacity to exchange or discuss ideas, to dialogue, to converse with the aim of understanding between different parties.” The importance of it is engraved in day to day work, education, relationships, conversations, ...

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Healing Takes Time. Listen to Your Brain.

By Lynn Garthwaite 9-3-09. 1507 hours: "4828! Officer down!". Chuck Gollop didn’t hear those words. It was the voice of his partner speaking to the dispatcher, requesting an ambulance and back-up as Sergeant Gollop laid unconscious on the pavement, partially underneath his police-issued motorcycle. “This was truly the day that ...

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Hands Up for “Heavy Metal Headbang”

By Ian Hebeisen Traumatic Brain Injuries can occur in an instant. For some, it strikes at home from a fall, while others sustain a TBI from a sporting related accident. For Melissa Meszaros, it happened on the way to a Judas Priest concert. A tenured entertainment industry publicist, creator of ...

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TBI Impairs Visualizing; Can’t Describe It, Then Can’t Share It

By Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., Founder of the Mind-Eye Institute Remez Sasson, author and creator of www.successconsciousness.com, defines visualization as “the ability to create mental images,” integrated with other sensory sensations like sounds, smells, and tastes. Visualization “means using your imagination.” This visual skill takes place internally on what Mind-Eye practitioners ...

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Yoga: Backbends

By Amy Zellmer, Editor-in-chief Yoga is a powerful tool for recovery after brain injury. Contrary to some beliefs, everyone can do yoga — you don’t need to be super flexible, be able to balance, or even be able to stand up. The beauty of yoga is every pose can be ...

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