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How to Tap Into the Power of Labradorite

By Kristen Brown When our bodies get out of balance physically, energetically, or emotionally, a connection to our hormones may be the cause. Several energetic pathways align with specific glands and organs that impact hormone levels. One powerful crystal that can help with hormonal balance is labradorite. The shimmery bluish ...

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Citrine for Solar Plexus Power

By Kristen Brown When stress or life changes set in, they can take a toll on your body, mind, and spirit. One area that stress hits hard is your abdomen, which is the home to your solar plexus chakra, as well as the physical organs and processes of digestion. Stress ...

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3 Warrior Powers of Amethyst

By Kristen Brown Today’s world is filled with elements that drain our energy, damage our brain and body, and impact how we are able think and act at work and at home. We are constantly battling these elements to maintain a clear and focused mind and fully functioning body. Amethyst ...

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