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Brain Fog and COVID-19

By Sana U. Khan, MD, PhD Have you ever felt as if your brain was in a cloud? Or ever walked into a place and not sure why you were there? Although clinically defined as a feeling of mental confusion or lack of mental clarity, the feeling is commonly described ...

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Life Lessons Learned From a TBI

By Amy Zellmer, Editor-in-chief Contact. It seems so simple, yet it's so critical to our daily lives. Even introverts and people with agoraphobia still need contact whether in-person, over the phone, or on a Zoom call. Those of us living with brain injury have long been experts at self-isolation; however, ...

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Finding Solace

by Amy Zellmer, Editor-in-chief This year has been a challenge to almost everyone’s mental health, regardless of whether or not they have a brain injury. Depending on where you live, some have been in lockdown longer than others, and some have witnessed more devastating hot spots than others. I originally ...

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