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May Tarot Reading: Sun Rise

It is a new day, full of new possibilities and opportunities!  Allow the colours of the sky to awaken your soul and breath in the fresh new air that will bring you a fresh perspective on life!  You are ready for a fresh start and the universe is ready to give it ...

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December Tarot Reading: Loch Ness

Embrace the mysteries in our world and beyond.  There is beauty in the unknown and excitement in the stories that they leave behind.  You are a work in progress and being a little mysterious does not make you a monster.  Be true to who you are today and take inspiration from the tales ...

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July Tarot Reading: Father Time

by Sam Black Much like the seasons, you are being called to bring order to the chaos and predictability to your life. Even when we love the warmth of summer, we cannot keep it for eternity. Choose your goals and ensure that they are realistic. You will have the time ...

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June Tarot Reading: Clutter Creation

by Sam Black Take responsibility for the “stuff” in your world. It may be a good time to clean house, both energetically, emotionally, and physically. Sort through the relationships and assess if they are still a good fit. Choose a space in your home to sort through and choose what ...

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May Tarot Reading: Ballerina Princess

by Sam Black Move gracefully through this current situation. Understand that you can dance the solo and this embodies strength and courage as much as beauty and poise. Others may dance around you, some may wish to compete, but remember the steps are for your feet alone and that you ...

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April Tarot Reading: Skipping Stones

by Sam Black Every step you make is progress.  Be conscious of what you choose to toss away. What may be an afternoon pastime now, may later be seen as a wasted opportunity. An Aboriginal legend shares that the stones have worked for years to regain their place on the ...

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