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Caregiver Corner: Reflecting at the Eight Year Mark

By Ian Hebeisen As of October, my family officially passed the eight-year anniversary of the car accident causing my mom’s traumatic brain injury. That’s eight years of doctor’s appointments, chiropractic care, restless nights, back exercises, visual therapies, and legal battles. It’s been eight years of trial and error, bouncing from ...

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A Caregiver’s Wish for 2023

By Anne Adkinson As a member of the Brain injury Alliance Veterans Services team, I advocate on the front lines for Arizona’s military caregivers, connecting them with the resources, education, and support they need to make family life run a bit smoother. It’s been an honor to help those whose ...

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Caregiver Corner: the Body as a Whole

By Ian Hebeisen Over the years, my mom has undergone various treatments to battle her brain injury. She tried everything from physical therapy to vocational rehab to help reclaim her life, each aiding to some degree. Yet throughout her therapies, her progress fluctuated. At times, when one aspect of her ...

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Exploring Caregiver Fatigue

by Anne Adkinson The term “caregiver” in the brain injury community can be complex and varied. Unpaid family and friend caregivers can be a key to recovery and living well for survivors of head injury. However, calling yourself a “caregiver” when referring to care provided for someone we love who ...

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Lessons Learned from a TBI

By Amy Zellmer, Editor-in-chief The approaching holidays can be a season of overwhelming activities, exhaustion, and burn-out for many of us. Whether it’s shopping for gifts, planning dinners with family, or traveling to loved-ones’ homes for get-togethers, the experiences can all be too much at times. Here are a few ...

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