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Fatigue and TBI

By James A. Heuer, PA One of the most common symptoms individuals experience after a traumatic brain injury is fatigue. Types of fatigue include and are not limited to: cognitive, mental, physical, and psychological. Reportedly, 70% of individuals with a TBI suffer from fatigue, expressing it as their most debilitating ...

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Athletic Therapy and Healing the Nervous System

By Ian Hebeisen At a young age, Matthew Bennett adopted the mindset that “health is wealth”. Several of his family members would get really sick, and watching them combat these illnesses showed Bennett the importance of maintaining healthy habits. “We’re given one body, one life, one brain, one opportunity. That ...

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Is Fatigue Endangering Our Teenagers?

by Aanika Parikh Public speakers, environmental activists, multi-sport athletes: there is very little our youth are not capable of pursuing. After all, most teenagers are free from responsibilities such as paying bills and providing for a family, allowing them to put their youthful determination and energy into action. In fact, ...

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Fatigue and Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. JoAnne Silver Jones Ed. D, MSW Fatigue. My nemesis. My constant companion. The reminder that my brain is injured, some parts irreparably. Fatigue wakes up with me and follows me to sleep. It’s so hard to explain how after 8 hours of sleep, a CPAP machine, medication, and meditation, ...

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When Long Covid Fatigue Met Yoga

By Ed Roth Nikki Matthews is exhausted, but you’d never know it. A little over two years ago, the 47-year-old executive recruiter just finished visiting family and friends in the Poconos, heading to Florida. When she boarded the plane in Philadelphia, she felt fine, but by the time she landed ...

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